child's finger presses green turtle timer for toothbrushing

Battle-Free Toothbrushing

child pressing a green toothbrush timer shaped like a turtle

Kids Press Their Light-up Turtle

Kids learn by touching and seeing. The Turtle has 1 simple button: on/off button. Kids like to press it, guess which light will blink first and follow the flashing feet. Brushing teeth becomes a game they want to play--without any devices at bedtime!

photo of african american boy and girl using the two minute turtle timer while brushing teeth at their bathroom sink

Parents, No More Nagging

Kids like to follow the lights, one flipper, one quadrant, at a time. Kids keep up with the turtle until it stops blinking. Toothbrushing 2 times a day for 2 minutes becomes their own habit, with Turtle Timer.

young girl with long brown hair wearing pajamas with pink dinosaurs brushing teeth while looking down at the green plastic two minute turtle timer

Kids Own Toothbrush Time

Some like their Turtle Timer so much they take it bed with them. It can stick to the mirror or stand on the sink. The Turtle Timer keeps them company for the full 2 minutes until all lights blink, the Victory Lap -- brush the tongue!

It sounds a bit silly to love a timer, but the Turtle Timer does exactly what I wanted and that was hard to find.


This turtle is spectacular. It's so basic, and so adorable, and it does exactly what I wanted it to do - it's a tooth brushing timer with 30 second intervals to teach my kids to brush long enough in the right places. They love it. I love it. It's ridiculously cute and easy to use and it sticks to our mirror. Perfect. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

Miz Purplest

The Turtle Timer was a gift for my nephews (12 & 3 yrs old). Both are on the spectrum and do well with visual timers. They love the turtle timer and its great for all sorts of activities! Highly recommend and will purchase more! One isn't enough!

Alana De Leon
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Adorable Girl Brushes with Turtle Timer

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