4 Features of a Great Stocking Stuffer

For kids, opening their stockings is a highlight of Christmas—all those little gifts bundled inside—it’s suspenseful, abundant and personal!  What’s different about gifts in a stocking from other gifts?

We know a good stocking-stuffer when we see it.  It’ll have at least three of these features:

1.  Stocking Stuffers are small.  The charm is that it fits inside a stocking.  Examples?  Small figures—decorative or for play.

2.  Stocking Stuffers are playful.  Even if it’s a practical gift, like socks or underwear, it was designed with a little whimsy or is a favorite brand or style that’s too extravagant at other times of the year.

3.  Stocking Stuffers are tactile or visually appealing—something you can enjoy holding or looking at. A special photo or ornament.

4.  Stocking Stuffers are aromatic, a taste treat.  Even an orange will do!  Chocolate, of course, but you already knew that!

Some classic stocking-stuffers:  beeswax-based lip balm, handmade soap bars, foot-rub cleansing scrubbers, colorful cookie-cutters in new designs, earrings handmade by local artists, fair-trade chocolate bars, small puzzles, little games.

And, of course, I suggest the Two-Minute Turtle Timer for a delightful stocking-stuffer this holiday season that’s everything but good-tasting!  Works for all ages and learning styles.  It’s for tooth-brushing and so much more (yoga, starting new habits, hand washing, debates, games...). Free & Fast Shipping.Green Turtle Timer Shines on Red Wrapped Gift

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