Pediatric Dentist Recommends the Two Minute Turtle Timer for Toothbrushing

Dr. McLaughlin is the son of a dentist and the brother of 12 siblings. Some of Dr. McLaughlin’s siblings are also dentists. Plus he has 5 kids of his own. Dr. McLaughlin grew up around the dentist office and knows how important and how hard it is to get kids to focus when it’s time to brush their teeth, not to mention for 2 minutes.

Dr. McLaughlin knows that getting kids to focus and brush for the full 2 minutes is important and it’s not easy. Kids are visual learners and the electric toothbrush, while it has a timer, is not visual and is not a guide. Dr. McLaughlin tested the Two Minute Turtle Timer with his own children for toothbrushing and recommends the Two Minute Turtle Timer. It’s for parents and kids to help brush teeth well for the full 2 minutes. Thanks to the McLaughlin Family Dentist for being a vital part of the oral health of the Boston community.

girl brushing teeth with Turtle Timer and mother smiling in background in mirror

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