The Turtle Timer is for Kids Only: True or False?

FALSE. The Turtle Timer is for ALL ages including people over 70!   Who thinks about their teeth? Kids do, yes.  Children have the excitement of watching their teeth wiggle and fall out and then grow back in their mouths. And when they are lucky, maybe even a treat for the Tooth Fairy.

And who else thinks about their teeth?  Older folks. Seniors take care and value their teeth because they know if they aren't careful they could loose a tooth. And they know, it ain't growing back on its own! 

 So next time you're looking for a gift for young AND older folks, the Turtle Timer will delight them both and help keep their smiles bright. 

Why is this gentleman smiling brightly? Watch and see this  why the Turtle Timer works for him. Grandpa shares how the Turtle Timer is such a good fit for him and a great GIFT for retirees. They use it to jog to their memory AND keep them on track for the full 2 minutes. For the groups who love their teeth, give them a little victory lap to celebrate every day with Turtle! 


Turtle Timer winner 2020 National Parenting Product Awards


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