What's the Perfect Age for the Two Minute Turtle Timer?

Dear Turtle Timer Users,

What is the best age for someone to use the Turtle Timer?  This is a question we get asked frequently.  We used to tell people the Turtle Timer was for kids learning how to brush their teeth well, ages 4 to 9 years old.

BUT now after years of...using it ourselves and with teenagers who use their Turtle Timer every day and hearing from grandparents and tweens who all use the Turtle Timer for toothbrushing, we say the Turtle Timer is for ALL ages.

At every stage of our life we have to brush teeth well. And at every stage there is a different reason why the Turtle Timer is helpful. Early on, the Turtle Timer teaches children the techniques of brushing teeth. As we get older and busier, the Turtle Timer helps us to focus and stay put for 2 minutes. And as we age the Turtle Timer helps us remember where we are in the process and in our mouth.   And throughout the whole lifetime, the Turtle Timer adds a little whimsy and fun to an otherwise mundane daily chore.

So, what age do you need to get a gift for?  The Turtle Timer will be a welcome addition to any age as long as they brush their teeth or maybe... if they don't brush their  teeth but should! 

Yours, slow and steady,



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