Your Words Are Much Better Than Mine

Highlights from a Recent 5 Star Review of the Turtle Timer

“Completely solved the Tooth Brushing Battle.
She Named it Cindy.
Brushing teeth is a game now.
It’s magic.
I’m amazed.”

This was the review on Etsy from Ramona.

Thank you, Turtle Timer lover, Ramona!


Mother's Product Review Gives Two Minute Turtle Timer 5 Stars

Any one of these sentences would make for a wonderful review. Put together and they cover many benefits!

  • The Turtle Timer solved a problem!

  • Their Turtle Timer was such a warm companion she decided to name it!

  • How does the Turtle Timer work for them? Their single word is: “magic”.

  • And how does the mom who took a chance and purchased this toothbrushing timer feel? She's Amazed.

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