8 Reasons Why Older Kids Like Brushing Teeth with the Two Minute Turtle Timer, Too!

Why is it so tough to shop for teenagers? Teens are developing their preferences along with their sense of belonging all while forming strong opinions about both—AND these opinions change rapidly. Plus, most teens have little money of their own to buy things. So, still dependent on parents but critical of our (my) shopping tastes, what’s a parent of teens to do?

The Turtle Timer is one small but mighty way to help! The original Two Minute Turtle Timer is a gift teenagers will genuinely want; it won’t lead to more screen time AND it will lead to healthier habits and independence!

Teenagers love our original version of our Two Minute Turtle Timer. Here’s why. It’s….

  1. Tactile—Feels good to press the big, green button.

  2. Visual—The light-up Turtle Timer is adorable.

  3. Helpful— Healthy without intruding.

  4. Their own—Kids take charge of their habits with Turtle Timer.

  5. Not a device or an app—Teens like to do some things without their devices

  6. Original—They will be the first to have the Turtle Timer.

  7. Versatile—Turtle can be used as a timer for games or hand washing

  8. Portable—Teens can pack it on overnights.


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