Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing Product Reviews

Customer Reviews for Two Minute Turtle Timer™

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Best Toothbrushing Timer!!!

This is literally one of a kind. Amazing for my kids as it helps them move to different quadrants in their mouth and actually brush properly. I'm tempted to get one myself! This isn't just a two minute timer! It helps your kids brush right And the fin that starts changes every time so it's not predictable. I have 4 rowdy boys and this has been perfect!!!

Can we get a dragon with scales next?!! Haha

Eva Nov. 2021

What I've Been Searching For!

It is exactly what I have been searching for on Amazon! A quadrant toothbrush timer! We have had apps before but that means the child needs your phone every night.... This turtle is awesome! My kids love it. They know the importance of brushing all their teeth and this helps remind them of every section! I like how the flippers change to help them remember to change areas in their mouth! It's easy enough for them to use by themselves. We'll see how it goes at their next dentist appointment!

NR December 2021

Used it Once and Already LOVE it! 


My Little Guy Loves His Turtles Timer

This little Turtle Timer is so cute and the perfect toothbrushing companion for my little guy! He likes to speed through brushing and this is a visual reminder to slow down and brush each area well! He actually enjoys using it and that in itself is Awesome!

Jessamarie, August 2021 Amazon


This is an A+ Product

Listen. Y'all need to buy this right here for your kids. This is an A+ product.

Let me describe the ways.

1) Asthetics: It's cute
2) Safety: It's easy to put in and take out the required batteries (batteries not included). The battery cover is screw locked so your kids aren't going to pull out the batteries and eat them.
3) Education: The flippers (turtles don't have fins) light up in primary colors to teach colors, and they blink to teach counting. First 30 seconds = 1 blink, second 30 seconds = 2 blinks, third 30 seconds = 3 blinks, fourth 30 seconds = 4 blinks
4) Oral health: The ultimate reason to buy this product. Each flipper blinks for 30 seconds (I timed them) for a total of 2 minutes, which is the brushing time the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends. ALSO for every new "session" a different flipper starts blinking first. Which is good, because the ADA recommends starting in a different tooth quadrant every time you brush your teeth (because we humans tend to get lazy with the last two quadrants when we are brushing our teeth).

This product is the only one like it on the market. (I know because I scoured the internet.) It also came with a little tooth brush and personalized note.

This product is a cute and excellent learning tool. I purchased this product for my 4 little cousins who are learning how to properly brush their teeth.
The Tilestons, Aug 2021 Amazon


Teaches Good Habits

Perfect for my kids who are learning good habits.

Chrystal G, 2021


Hygienist Sees a Big Difference

I got this for myself. Love it. Not only do I brush my teeth for the full 2 minutes, my hygienist sees a big difference when cleaning them! My wife likes it too.

Unnamed customer, July 2021


Makes a Great Gift

Second one I’ve gotten for a new baby! So Sweet!
Kathy, 2021


Turtle Timer Gives Children  Encouragement

We have been listening to a podcast to brush teeth, but that is not continuing. We searched for something new. The Turtle Timer works great; the cute turtle has flippers that light up every 30 seconds after you push the button…If your kids need just a little encouragement, give this a try!

Jennifer, 2021


Turtle Timer Works Like a Charm

Really love this product. Was struggling before to get my four  year old to brush long enough and all parts of her mouth. This Two Minute Turtle Timer worked like a charm!

Lizzie, 2021


Improves Brushing Habits

If you have kids like mine who just stick their toothbrush in their mouth and move it around a little, this is the product for you! My kids love using this timer and I love that it’s improved their brushing habits.

Amazon customer, June 2021


Super Easy and Super Fun

My kids (ages 7 & 5) both love this Turtle Timer—and their Dad does too. All three of them use the Turtle to help them brush each area of their teeth. It’s super cute, super easy to use, and super fun. The flippers change color to help kids know how much time to spend on each quadrant of their teeth. Highly recommend. 

Amazon customer, May 2021


The Lights Keep Him on Track

Cute and fun!  My kiddo really likes this (Two Minute Turtle Timer). We’ve gone through a few different timers that ended up getting wet and not working. This one sticks to the mirror and stays out of the way of my water flinging child. The lights keep him on track.

Unnamed customer, 2021


Turtle Timer Holds Kids Attention

We bought this toothbrush timer as a way for our 4 year old and 2 year old to practice good habits. They love the lights and it actually keeps their attention while brushing!

Caitlyn, 2021


Gives Kids a Framework to Brush Teeth

The Turtle has been great! The kids look forward to brushing their teeth, and it gives them a framework for knowing how long and what quadrants to brush. As a parent, it helped me stop dreading the wiggles and battles of daily oral hygiene. A great gift, thank you!

Tonja, 2021


Perfect for 4 Year Old Toothbrushing

We needed something to help our 4 year old with toothbrushing and this is perfect!  Our 2 year old now loves brushing as well!  They get excited to see which quadrant it will start in and love the different color lights. I reinforce which light is on (top, right, bottom left, etc) which is also reinforces these ideas of right and left, top and bottom to toddlers. Easy on and off. I thought it may be pricey but has been worth it!

Debra, 2021


Exactly What We Needed

I’m surprised there aren’t more creative two minute timers out there. Our son was having trouble with the hourglass style timer and I was tired of finding toothbrushing videos on my phone. This is visually stimulating and gives him cues for how long to brush in each section! A really simple, but smart design.

Ravensfan40, July 2021


It’s Magic

Completely Solved the toothbrushing battle. She named it Cindy. And brushing teeth is a game now. It’s magic. I’m amazed.

Ramona, 2021


Cute and Helpful!

Cute and fun! My kiddo really likes this. We've gone through a few different timers that ended up getting wet and not working. This one sticks to the mirror and stays out of the way of my water flinging child. The lights keep him on track.

C Boylan, June 2021


Great Product

Great idea! My daughter follows the lights from limb to limb very closely while brushing. It’s like a game for her and it’s a great reminder for how long she should be brushing. Love the product!

Jen, May 2021


Great Customer Service

I loved and my 2yr old loves carrying it around. It arrived broken but after reaching out to the owner I was immediately mailed a replacement with no issue or questions asked. Will definitely order a second one for my 2nd bathroom.

Karin Hite, May 2021


Kids Get Excited to Brush with Turtle

I love the turtle! It arrived and I easily installed batteries and the kids used that night for brushing. I have a 5 and a 2 yr old and brushing is a chore to them, but the turtle helps them get excited following the little flippers. They love the end where they brush their tongue. Lots of fun. Looks great and good quality.

 E Senz, 2021


Turtle Timer is Perfectly Engaging

Excellent product. I had been looking for something to get my daughter to clean her teeth which didn’t involve using my phone.  We used apps but it’s a hassle when I’ve left my phone downstairs, plus they are a bit too interactive (selecting various characters and distracting from teeth cleaning and makes the whole process las longer!)  Turtle Timer is the perfect level of engaging without being distracting (like some apps!).  She really pays attention to the flippers and which section of her teeth to brush. I like that a different flipper lights up first each time so it’s a game of guessing which one it will be and therefore starts the teeth cleaning process easily.

She loves using the Turtle Timer so much so that she tucked her turtle Timer in her bed!  I highly recommend this product.

Sophie, April 2021

Wonderful Tool for Children's Oral Health Routines

At a very young age children want to do things by themselves!  The Turtle Timer is a wonderful Tool to excite and engage children when introducing oral health care routines.

Dr. Tonya Fuqua, Director Cook Children’s Center for Children’s Health, Child Oral Health, 2021


Kids Quality Toothbrushing Has Become Habitualized with Turtle Timer

I never write reviews, but I am compelled to share this silly little toy has completely changed our nightly toothbrushing ritual from bargaining, whining, and so, so many prompts… “Brush longer” and “get the back” and “just give me the toothbrush already”…to two minutes of complete silence. The different legs light up to correspond to the quadrants so that my 6 and 3 year olds understood after being told once. Now, when they seem too quiet and independent, I get suspicious and check in, only to find them brushing the corresponding quadrant every time!  I purposely waited over a month to post this review because I was sure the novelty was going to wear off, but instead it seems like the quality toothbrushing has become habitualized. Never has a child gadget (toy) been this effective for this little money. I feel like I stumbled on the secret treasure of parenting, gifting me a few moments of peace in the nightly bedtime routine.

KL, 2021


Makes Brushing Fun

The Turtle Timer is the perfect device to make brushing time fun!

Extremely Awake, 2021


Kids Brush Longer

Works well! My kids were surprised at how long they are really supposed to brush lol

jkby, Mar 2021

I'd Give it 10 Stars!

The Turtle is spectacular! IT’s so basic, and so adorable, and does exactly what I wanted it to do—It’s a tooth brushing timer with 20 second intervals to teach my kids to brush long enough in the right places. They love it. I love it. It’s ridiculously cute and easy to use and it sticks to our mirror. Perfect. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

Mizpurplest, 2021


Her Teeth Hygiene Drastically Improved

We use our turtle timer every morning and night! My five year old loves it and her teeth hygiene has drastically improved. What a lovely little device.

Bekah, 2021


Make Morning and Bedtime Routines Easier

The Turtle Timer was the perfect solution to my toddler’s tantrums and tears every time we tried to brush her teeth. She loves pressing the turtle’s shell, then following the direction. Such a cute, simple way to make morning and bedtime routines a bit easier.

MRoberts 2021


Kids Look forward to Brush their Teeth with Turtle

So cute! Arrived quickly, and my girls are looking forward to brushing their teeth tonight!!??!! Simple, innovative, fulfills a need.

NOLA Transplant, Feb 2021


Kids Use it Every Day!

My kids love it so far and have been using it daily for brushing!

Leahkf606, Feb 2021


Finally, a Toothbrush Timer that Works!

Oh my goodness!  My special needs child no longer fights toothbrushing. The feeling of brushing his teeth bothers him so it has always been a struggle. He loves this turtle!  It is the first thing that has really inspired him to brush without complaint. He focuses on the turtle and its lights and is able to tune out the feeling of toothbrushing. Thank you!

Amazon customer, 2021


Definitely Recommends

I’m so glad I am no longer singing two rounds of the ABCs for my son to brush his teeth. Would definitely recommend!

Wachdm83, Jan 2021


Wish I'd Thought About the Turtle Timer Sooner

I was beginning to feel like our kids teeth brushing was getting a little relaxed. They both start brushing their teeth on their own then call us in to do a final brush. It seemed like the initial brush they did on their own was getting shorter and shorter, so I decided to purchase this turtle timer. The kids love it, for reference i have a 9 year old and a 6 year old. They both get excited to see which section will light up next, and spend the full 2 minutes brushing....we really like it. I wish I had thought about it sooner.

Mom of 2, Jan 2021


Wish I'd Found the Turtle Timer Sooner

This is a good product and I wish I had looked into something like this when they were younger and just starting to brush their teeth so that now, at 8 years old, it would be routine! Buy it now when your kids are young :)

Katycrile, Jan 2021


Special Needs Children Love the Turtle Timer

The Turtle Timer was a gift for my nephews (12 and 3 years old). Both are on the spectrum and do well with visual timers.  They love the Turtle Timer. And it’s great for all sorts of activities!  Highly recommend and will purchase more! One is not enough!

Alana, Jan 2021


The Turtle Lights Hold Their Attention

We bought this toothbrush timer as a way for our 4 year old and 2 year old to practice good habits. They love the lights and it actually keeps their attention while brushing! We highly recommend this product. 

C Hoenig, Jan 2021


No More Counting While Brushing!

My 4.5 year old got the Turtle Timer in her Christmas stocking. She immediately wanted to brush her teeth!  It’s a really neat little thing!  She was excited that she doesn’t have to count. We love it!

Ashley, December 2020


Grandson Loves the Timer Gift

Our grandson loves this timer. The dentist told him he needed to brush longer. He sets the timer and works each fin/leg for time. Much better for him now. Hopefully the newness won’t wear off and he will continue to use the timer. I was surprised at the smallness of the Turtle Timer but it works great!

Michael, 2020


Worth it!

Novelty hasn't worn off yet for my kiddo...I haven't had to bug or help with teeth brushing since I bought. Woooorth it!

Kristin, Nov 2020


Works Great for Adults too!

I am an adult without kids and use this little turtle guy shamelessly. I wanted something to help me meet my 2-minute target without having to watch the analog clock in my bathroom, which is boring and imprecise. Turtle to the rescue!

EJ Kellogg, Oct 2020


Turtle Timer Works Perfectly!

It works perfectly! We love how each flipper lights up to remind him to switch sides of his mouth.  We are very pleased with our purchase. Thank so much!  So glad we found you.

Nikki, 2020


Extremely Pleased

Extremely pleased with my purchase. Wonderful service. Thank you.

Adele, Sept 2020


Kids Use it Themselves!

A great alternative to 2 minute timer videos! Easy for kids to use themselves. Love it!

 Adams410, Aug 2020


I Ordered a 2nd One for the Downstairs Bathroom!

At first I wasn’t really sure what this thing was….but I read the reviews and gave it a shot (despite the cost, which initially seemed high to me, for a teeth brushing timer). And man am I glad I took the change. The kids (ages 3,5,7) can’t wait to “turtle brush” now. After 2 days of use I ordered a 2nd one for a downstairs bathroom, because the kids love it so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing this!  Every household with children who brush their teeth should have this.

Wen, 2020

Highly Recommends the Turtle Timer

Excellent idea and perfect execution! It is exactly as described and photographed in the listing. The turtle timer arrived very promptly and in sealed packaging. I highly recommend this product and will gladly purchase from this shop again!

Giliscm1, Oct 2020


Turtle Teaches Bedtime Routines

We are loving our Turtle Timer!!!!It has not only simplified teeth brushing & ended battles about time & technique, but it has also helped our 5 year old gain bedtime routine independence and responsibility (he now wants to do it for himself). Huge wins for a spirited child! Thank you, Virginia, for a functional, durable product!! You will be happy you got one!! Lots of turtle 🐢 love 

Flower Power, July 2020


My Kids Love it!

Such a wonderful product and so cute my kids love it!! Thank you so much!

Mindi, 2020


No More Toothbrushing Nagging!

 We had so much stress over teeth-brushing with our 8 year old. He hated brushing his teeth and wouldn’t do a good job of it himself. If we helped him we all ended up stressed out.

We tried using a regular kitchen timer, or my phone timer but both had their drawbacks. He might keep the brush in his mouth for 2 mins but he might neglect to brush all the areas of his mouth. My phone was a big distraction as he just fiddled with all the alarm sounds.

I searched Amazon for a tooth brushing timer and found a lot of 2-min timers but most had nothing that would help remind him to switch to a different area of his mouth. They didn’t seem to offer anything different from a regular timer.

Then I found the turtle timer!
We’ve had it now for about a week and it has really helped!
For one thing, I no longer have to say ‘time to brush your teeth’, which was always met with resistance. Instead I now say ‘let’s play the turtle game!’, which sounds way more fun!
He enjoys not knowing where it’s going to start. And it’s SOOOOOO helpful that it tells him where to brush. Without this I am sure he would miss rows of teeth.
I highly recommend this product and my son wants to give it 5 stars!

Emma, Dec 2019


It Sounds Silly to Love a Timer

It sounds a bit silly to love a timer, but the Turtle Timer does exactly what I wanted and that was hard to find.

Carol, 2019


9 Year Olds Love the Turtle Timer

Our kids, 9 year olds, love the Two Minute Turtle Timer. We have a Turtle Timer on every level of the house.

Andreas, 2019