A Gift that Brings Good Luck

Are you looking for a St Patrick's Day or spring gift that gives a child a little luck?  The Toothbrushing Turtle Timer does just that. Why? Because luck favors the prepared!  And the Toothbrushing Turtle Timer helps kids prepare--it shows them how to brush their teeth for 2 minutes. So kids brush longer and more thoroughly. And when they get their check-ups at the dentist they know they brushed well.  Pediatric dentists notice the difference between kids who use the Turtle Timer and those who do not! So make a kids' day, every day, with the gift of a single, unique, new Two Minute Turtle Timer for Toothbrushing.

This Toothbrushing Turtle Timer is green like Spring. It has colorful lights like the Spring flowers. It flashes with rhythm. It turns a 2 minute job into a game for kids. 

The Turtle Timer is a gift for both YOU and your child. No more reminders or nagging.  No more screen time in the bathroom for brushing. Give kids the autonomy they want and you'd like.  And teach them a healthy habit for life.  The new invention, the Toothbrushing Turtle Timer!  

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