Is Your Child Distracted When Brushing Teeth?

WHO Benefits From a Two Minute Turtle Timer for Toothbrushing? 

  • Does your child finish brushing their teeth before the 2 minutes?  Maybe before even 1 minute has passed? 
  • Does the phone distract your child when they are supposed to be brushing? 
  • Does your child brush just one corner of their mouth?  

Help is on the way!  The new Two Minute Turtle Timer is here! This toothbrushing timer is meant for kids of all ages. The Turtle Timer helps kids to focus on toothbrushing for the full 2 minutes.  

So, what's the secret?  How does the Two Minute Turtle Timer do it, help kids to focus on toothbrushing for 2 minutes?  This adorable girl explains why SHE loves her Turtle Timer.

  1. Kids WANT to press the big green rubber button
  2. Kids LIKE TO GUESS which color light will blink first
  3. Kids follow because IT'S A GAME they want to play
  4. NO DEVICES needed!
  5. No instructions needed because IT'S INTUITIVE
  6. No settings to adjust--IT'S SIMPLE
  7. NO PRIVACY ISSUES--it's not connected to the web
  8. No worries about dropping it and breaking or getting it wet-IT'S STURDY AND WATER-RESISTANT
  9. It's where you want it when you need it-on the bathroom sink


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