Let Kids Follow Schedules with their 2 Minute Turtle Timer

It's time to bring back the schedules for families. So, how can we come back to the more scheduled days of school and gracefully handle the transition?  

Here's one tool to help make a smooth transition from the slower days of Summer to the busier days of back to school Fall:

The Simple Two Minute Turtle Timer.

Why the Turtle Timer for Back to School? 

1. Take the pain out of the transitions.  2 minutes is enough to get kids to switch what their doing and shift to the next one. So much of the day, and often the struggle, with kids is in transitioning.  The Turtle Timer is it takes the pain out of transitions.

2. Get kids succeeding with simple things.  When kids succeed (like with all of us), they feel better!  The Turtle Timer is designed for little hands, eyes that seek stimulation but not distraction and fun.

3.  Get kids brushing teeth for 2 minutes. Teeth brushing is a gateway healthy habit. With successful toothbrushing, kids learn to do one of the very important daily habits.

4. Show kids what time feels like in lights. Without numbers or clocks, just the lights and a turtle will help them to feel what 2 minutes is like.

5. Remind children about the classic Tortoise and the Hare, the fable, and who wins the race! The importance of continuing in the race, not the speed.

6. No devices needed. Kids will use their device for things but when you have a way to get a job done like toothbrushing or transitions without the phone or ipad, all the better. No worries of distraction, noise or the need to take it away from them.


In our home, every Fall it takes at us 1 full month adjust to the new schedule.  Most of all, remember to be gentle on yourself in this time of transition. Get your own Turtle and take 2 minutes in the morning to...breathe!



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