Customers Love their Toothbrushing Turtle Timer

We love to know that our little Turtle Timer is making your lives simpler.   This is our aim and our drive--to give parents the relief at those times in the day when we need--mornings and evenings.  And parents are also doing something valuable for kids for their lifetime of habits--teaching kids to brush teeth well.

A customer this Spring of 2022, took time to write his 5-star review of his new Toothbrushing Turtle Timer on Amazon: 

This product was worth every penny! My kids wanted to brush their teeth the minute they saw the turtle. The blinking turtle fins make it fun for the kids, but also helps them focus in all areas for the entire 2 minutes.

Thank you Chris and all of you who are adding the Toothbrushing Turtle Timer to your routines.  

Yours in healthy routine, slow and steady,


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