It's Infrastructure Season

Did you get the memo?  There's talk about repairing, building, digging  into our nation’s infrastructure! We're hearing about a new bill to improve our roads and sewage systems and investment in the basic systems for living together and with climate change. 

Bringing systems work to a hyper-local level, our own bodies, we have a personal infrastructure system, too. The mouth and teeth form a vital infrastructure we need to maintain throughout our lives, preventing cavities and retaining teeth in our later years. What's more important than eating and smiling comfortably?!

As the nation is focusing on making necessary changes in how we meet our energy and transportation needs (in addition to eliminating potholes and fixing failing bridges), we can add an easy habit for better sustaining our personal health, too--spending a few minutes daily brushing our whole mouths evenly and thoroughly. The Turtle Timer will do just that, keeping us focused on our timing and all the quadrants. Plus it's fun. Press the big green rubber button, follow the lights, and brush each part til the Victory Lap.  From Human bodies to entire nations, it takes daily maintenance to keep our systems strong! 

grandfather playing on floor with grandkids

 Young, old and middling--all have daily work to keep our systems going!

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