Which Toothbrushing Timer Helps Kids Learn to Brush Their Teeth?

What's the most common childhood disease?  Tooth decay. And what's one of the early, daily, and most tiring habits to teach children?  From my experience, tooth brushing is up there.  Children don't want it, nor do they understand why do it twice a day... two minutes every time.  The rewards to brushing thoroughly, though, are great. 

What are the options to teach kids how to brush for two minutes?

1) Electric toothbrush:

 Pro: It sounds a beep indicating when to switch to the next part of the mouth.  It has an automatic up and down motion

Con: Some children don't like the sound and vibrating in their head. Must change the head every 6 months. Pricey.

2) Two minute timer phone app:

Pro: Free. It can be engaging to watch Elmo dance.

Con: Not water resistant, usually needs a parent's help to download, keep the phone dry, may have privacy issues. The devices can be more of a distraction than a help.

3) Sand timer/egg timer: 

Pro: it's free from many pediatric dentists.

Con: It tips and falls down easily. It doesn't usually keep the child's attention for the 2 minutes. It does not divide the mouth up into parts.

4) Two Minute Turtle Timer:

Pro: It's is a visual timer--good for kids. It engages kids as it feels like a game guessing which flipper will blink next. It has enough stimulation to hold kids’ attention but not too much to distract. It is the child's to use without the assistance of a parent.  It has some whimsy, a little disco, incentive to stay til the end when all lights flash together. It’s long lasting, running on 2 AAA batteries. Teaches kids how to brush their teeth.

Con: It’s online but may take some looking to find it! It is silent.

Good news is you can test them out to see which of these your child responds best to.  I'm interested in what you find!  Good luck teaching your children to brush 2min2x/day. 

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