You May Not Find the Turtle Timer--We're # 368!

Amazon ranks every single product of theirs. And who can understand their mysterious formula?  It's not transparent and it is influenced by ad spending, so we can make guesses to how it works, but no one knows.

What I can see is what number we are in their ranking. Today in the Children's Dental Care category on Amazon, our original, adorable Turtle Timer ranks #368! 

You know how after the 20th product, you stop looking at the options?  What are the odds the Turtle Timer will ever be found?  Are there really 365 more Children's Dental Care products there?  Probably not but if you are looking for the Turtle Timer on Amazon you may never find it.


So where can you find the little Two Minute Turtle Timer quickly and with confidence?  Find it where we are...where it's the only product for sale, where it's special and YOU ARE TOO!

So get the Turtle Timer where it's ranked #1!.  Shop the Turtle Timer on our own new little website, . Taking it sow and steady like our turtle.

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