Two Minute Turtle Timer News

  • I Love Hearing How the Turtle Timer Helps Your Children Brush their Teeth Well.

    Customer Turtle Timer reviews show us the actual ways the Turtle Timer helps out at home. Read this new 5 star review from Jessamarie on Amazon.
  • It's Infrastructure Season

    We're thinking about infrastructure on a national level and here at the Turtle Timer, on a personal level. Our teeth and mouth are part of our own, vital infrastructure. Let's invest in their maintenance with brushing teeth twice a day, the Turtle Timer way!
  • The Turtle Timer is for Kids Only: True or False?

    FALSE. The Turtle Timer is for ALL ages including people over 70!   Who thinks about their teeth? Kids do, yes.  Children have the excitement of wa...
  • Your Words Are Much Better Than Mine

    Your product reviews for the Two Minute Turtle Timer help others too. This mother said her Turtle Timer was so effective that it was like magic and she is amazed.
  • Is Your Child Distracted When Brushing Teeth?

    Why do children benefit from the Two Minute Turtle Timer?  There are no shortage of kids' toothbrush timers. So why add another one? Learn what makes the Two Minute Turtle Timer more effective for kids' toothbrushing than what's available.
  • 4 Features of a Great Stocking Stuffer

    For kids, opening their stockings is a highlight of Christmas—all those little gifts bundled inside—it’s suspenseful, abundant and personal!  What’...
  • Which Toothbrushing Timer Helps Kids Learn to Brush Their Teeth?

    See the pros and cons of the most common kids toothbrush timers.
  • Pediatric Dentist Recommends the Two Minute Turtle Timer for Toothbrushing

    Dr. McLaughlin is the son of a dentist and the brother of 12 siblings. Some of Dr. McLaughlin’s siblings are also dentists. Plus he has 5 kids of h...
  • You May Not Find the Turtle Timer--We're # 368!

    Amazon ranks every single product of theirs. And who can understand their mysterious formula?  It's not transparent and it is influenced by ad spen...
  • Let Kids Follow Schedules with their 2 Minute Turtle Timer

    Time to prepare setting routines again. Part of what we love about kids is their ability to get lost in play, unaware of the time.

    So how can we make daily timed tasks, routines fun?  Must we rely on another device or app? No!  We have a simple solution-the visual timer.

    The Two Minute Turtle Timer is your partner in healthy habits,, starting with toothbrushing. Kids "own" it, their Turtle Timer, and with that,  their 2 minutes of toothbrushing.  The Turtle Timer is so adorable that some kids name it, tuck it into bed and take it on overnights.  No instructions needed. No formatting it. No privacy issues.

    Kids prepare to brush teeth, then simply press the big green rubber button. Follow the flashing flippers like Simon Says, to know which part of their mouth to brush until the next flipper blinks. By the end, kids brush each part until they have brushed their whole mouth. They love the reward of all turtle feet flashing at once when they brush their tongue. 

    Kids feel satisfaction with a job well done. Parents get more peaceful moments at bedtime--no nagging and the thrill of knowing their kids are learning to brush teeth well! 

    The Turtle Timer helps with kids' toothbrushing and other healthy routines like getting out the door in the morning, taking turns with a sibling or washing hands.  Show kids the lesson that healthy can AND slow and steady really can win the race!



  • Back to School Basics

    Back to school means getting ready to get the family back on schedule with morning and bedtime routines. The Two Minute Turtle Timer helps kids to ...
  • The Original Two Minute Turtle Timer

    You've Come a Long Way, Baby Turtle.  After 11 rounds of iterating prototypes with focus groups of families, we finally developed a timer that met the criteria and the Two Minute Turtle Timer hatched, in 2017!